A Penny for your Thoughts

One of the fun things about visiting the Disneyland Resort (or any of the Disney theme parks) is looking for pressed coin designs. I like the pennies for the look of the copper. Throughout the resort you will find pressed penny machines (and other denominations as well) with a variety of designs and characters.

If you decide to begin collecting these I do recommend a pressed coin album for your chosen denomination. Keeps them safe and ready to enjoy. You also can carry these each trip to quickly look over the current coins you have so you do not duplicate them. Albums are very reasonable at approximately $6 and up. Find an album you like to keep these little treasures safe for years to come.

Now I am a Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse fanatic so I am always after special designs. One of my favorite pennies is of Walt Disney's signature that I found at the exit for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Other favorites of mine include designs that feature the old Disneyland sign.

Pressed pennies are only $0.51 (2 quarters and 1 penny). Well before my trip I begin collecting pennies and quarters. Two quarters per one penny is how they are counted and I only put them in the baggie when I have completed sets. I put a little baggie in my dresser drawer to begin my stash. When it is time to pack I grab my baggie and place in my suitcase. No hassle and easily transferred to the backpack I carry around the park.

Do you collect these? What are your favorites?


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Olivia Vidal
© 2011


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