Meal Planning

With so many great options the Disneyland resort has to offer, it can be tough and expensive to make the right decisions.

Before you head out to the resort parks, come up with a budget you are comfortable with. Knowing where you are financially is a huge step in finding the right dining services that are right for you.

My suggestion is small meals/snacks and 1 large meal. Large meals will slow you down if you want to take in a full day of the parks. Not to mention large meals can be torture on those fast rides so beware.

Visit the Disney resort website for all great options in and out of the parks. You also have the option to select eating options based on price per person.

Disneyland Resort Dining

Some of our favorite places to eat in Disneyland are:

Plaza Inn - this is where we enjoy minnie's breakfast, a character dining experience. This can be a heavy meal so take things slow as you are fueled for the day.

Bengal BBQ - We each get a skewer and share a large soda. They also had a fabulous jalapeno and cheese pretzel that wasn't spicy. Its great for a light meal/snack.

Royal Street Veranda - they have amazing gumbo and clam chowder in bread bowls. We tend to get 1 per 2 people since it can be filling.

Tropical Imports - found next to the jungle cruise it is a great place to pick up fresh fruit. Its nice to grab a fresh apple to snack during the day

Tiki Juice Bar - I try to save this for an evening treat but they have the most amazing dole whip float. A dole whip is a pineapple ice cream of sorts in pineapple juice. Absolutely yummy. Arrive 20 minutes early for the tiki rom and enjoy a whip or my favorite a dole whip float.

My favorite places to eat in California Adventure are:

Cocina Cucamonga - the mexican food is great and with large portions it is easy to share for lunch or have your own for dinner.

There are carts with turkey legs we always hit up once. We share 1 large turkey leg and 1 large drink and we are set.

Ariels Grotto - soak up the fun with princesses and lunch at ariels grotto.

And the one place we can never go without is Goofy's Kitchen in Disneyland hotel. The food is fabulous, the characters are wonderful, and the most amazing memories have come from dining at Goofy's Kitchen. Our first dining experience at Goofy's Kitchen including my then 7yr old son totally twitterpated by Snow White and a sword fight with Goofy and Captain Hook tableside. Our most recent laugh was my son then 15 (last year) put in the corner for time out by chip because he was wearing a hat.

No matter your preference or budget, there are plenty of options to suit your dining needs.

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