The fun doesn't end with a little rain

In all the years I have visited the park as a local and a traveler I never once had to deal with rain until this trip. Most of our trip was beautiful and warm. Our last 2 days were wet. We never considered the idea of rain even when watching the weather. We figured oh it will pass us by or only rain for part of the day. Not the case.

The first day it rained it happened to be my birthday 12/17. It rained ALL day long. It never let up once. Instead of letting the rain ruin our plans we did what everyone else was doing - bought disney ponchos. When you think anything disney you don't think cheap but when our ponchos were only $6.50 (available in youth and adult for the same price) and very nice I was very surprised. The thick material was perfect for not only keeping the rain off of us but also keeping us warm.

We donned our ponchos (shown above with my niece making her mad face that she loves doing for pictures) and continued to ride our favorite rides as allowed. The ponchos were great even for the stroller. Only a few rides were not open for visitors such as Alice in Wonderland and The Mad Hatters Tea Party. We even chose to purchase disney umbrellas for $10 to help when moving our nephew from his stroller to a ride.

We stuck with rides that we could find relief from the rain and ate when the rain became heavier. All in all it really wasn't that bad.

We didn't have the option of skipping a day at disney due to the amount of days we had on our passes and our hotel reservations. If we had the option we may have opted to stay in the hotel room and watch disney DVDs.

When traveling to the park watch the weather. If needed bring along those umbrellas or ponchos. If you forget their options are inexpensive and readily available at most of the shops inside of the disney parks.

It rained our last 2 days of our visit to the park and even on the 3rd day as we drove home. Be careful when traveling as you may get stuck or plans change due to weather. Always have a backup plan.

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