I want this purse!

When I think of Disneyland I think of the Disneyland I grew up and not all of what I see today. This bag has all those wonderful memories. I never consider spending a great deal of money on 1 purse simply because I buy purses so often and my taste changes often. This is one I would throw the credit card down on the counter as if going in for the touchdown and yell GIMME in the most animated way possible! Of course I would be far nicer, quieter, and less insane so they don't come escort me out but I WANT this one! I have said I will only purchase it with my earnings from my home business so this is my very first goal for the year.

If you love this bag too you can order it at the Disney Store website. They also have several others and even more reasonable priced ones such as this one:

I was so very lucky to get this one during my last trip to Disneyland as a birthday present. It looks small in person but boy oh boy does it carry a lot! It is so adorable! I got the white but I will be ordering the blue as well.

I am always on the hunt for great Disney themed purses (usually minnie and mickey themed) so you can always expect I have more mickey purses than any sane person should ever have lol

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