Packing Tips

When traveling I like to make a packing list. Sometimes these can be annoying and time consuming I know but they are very helpful when getting everything ready and making any last minute trips before you leave. I for one am not a big fan of having to run to the store for simple things such as socks, sunglasses, or even my favorite shampoo because I forgot.

This is how I start my packing list:

    * Pants x___ days
    * Shorts x___ days
    * Shirts x___ days
    * Socks x__ days
    * Underwear x__ days
    * Light jacket
    * Heavy jacket
    * Tennis shoes
    * Sandals
    * Swim shoes or flip flops
    * Swimwear


    * Shampoo
    * Conditioner
    * Deodorant
    * Hairspray
    * Toothpaste
    * Mouthwash
    * Body wash
    * Perfume or cologne
    * Razor
    * Hair Dryer
    * Curling iron
    * Feminine products
    * Makeup case
    * Toilet paper (I always travel with a roll when driving. You never know when you will need this)
    * Facial tissue
    * Hair items such as heandbands, ponytail holders, bobby pins

General Items:

    * Backpack to carry essentials
    *  Zip lock bags - we use these for our cell phones and camera when riding water rides. We also use these to take leftovers with us after meals.
    * Sunscreen
    * Hats
    * Sunglasses
    * Comfortable walking shoes
    * Backpack to carry essentials
    * Toys for younger children
    * Family's and friends' mailing addresses
    * Postage stamps for postcards and letters
    * Digital camera
    * Battery charger and extra memory card for digital camera
    * Video camera
    * Prescription medications ( in their original prescription bottle especially when traveling by air)
    * Over the counter medications (tylenol, benadryl, tums, pepto bismal)
    * Glasses
    * Cell phone charger (including car charger)
    * Umbrella (just in case you encounter rain. These are available for purchase at the parks in the event rain occurs but it is easier to start off with one and saves money)
    * Small first aid kit (I found one at Walmart where travel size items are found for $1. Just need something simple that includes bandaids and alcohol wipes. There are first aid locations in Disneyland and Disneys California Adventure)
    * Hand sanitizer (You will have your hands on many rails that others are touching. You will want to use hand sanitizer at least a few times a day)
    * Baby wipes or wet wipes (for all ages not just children. Helpful with those little accidents)
    * Print out of all reservations and confirmation numbers
    * Phone numbers and addresses of hotels and restaurants
    * Plastic bag for dirty clothes

Prior to leaving call your credit card company and bank to let them know of your travel plans. Unusual activity will flag your account and can result in your cards being put on a security hold.

When traveling my air you need to make sure you have all IDs and birth certificates available for checking. Also be sure to have cash on hand to tip shuttle/cab drivers and curbside baggage handlers.

If you are like the other one million people with black luggage use something to mark your bag to stand out. The last few times I have been to the airport traveling myself or picking someone up, there was a ton of black bags. Add colorful tags, colored duct tape to mark the sides, add appliques or other fun patches. Something that personalizes and make these stand out. If you are shopping for new luggage I highly recommend you choose another color. It is easy to end up with the wrong bags.

Pack an extra bag to bring home those souvenirs. This is one I forgot the first couple times and scrambled to stuff them in the bags. I even went as far as purchasing another bag from the hotel to carry home our special items. We learned quick to bring that extra bag and account for it when traveling by air so we were not over our bag limit.

This is just a basic list for packing and your needs may be different. Create a simple list on your computer and print out one for each family member.


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