Snow Globes

I can remember that special snow globe I got every Christmas. The plastic dome and that bubble you could never get rid of but the enchantment as you dreamed of a place that could be as magical as that you seen inside that globe.

My snow globes have changed over the years and have a new magical meaning. Every globe I currently own is Disney. Disney has always been the most magical place I could ever think of and anything was possible. I have collected globes small and large.

Here are some of my favorites in the house

I plan to add to my collection this year with these globes

70th Anniversary Fantasia Snowglobe found at my local Disney store and online

Costume Chest Mickey Mouse Snowglobe. I searched for this one at the Disneyland resort this last trip but was unable to find one :( I will continue to look and I will have one!

I am sure to add more than these but I fell in love and must have these. Mickey Mouse was my reminder of success. Mickey Mouse was my reason for going to college and receiving my degree. Mickey Mouse is why I still dream big and beyond all that seems possible.

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