16 Days and Counting

We are 16 days away before we leave and the excitement is mounting!

Our hotel is booked, tickets pre-purchased, Disney dining reservations made, transportation arranged.
We are beginning to pack and purchase any items we need for our trip. I use a list based on activities to ensure we have all we need for our trip. This cuts down on visits to a store when we should be enjoying our vacation.

I like to work out dining on and off the Disney property to keep us within our chosen food budget. We use a food budget to keep us on from over spending. We are have a souvenir budget for the same reason.

The night before leaving we print all confirmations, receipts, tickets, and place all in a folder so we have everything we need in one place. I do this so there is no worry of losing any if these before or during our trip. If you are flying do not put these in your checked baggage. Always place in your carry on.

For every trip I have a specific ritual. In that I buy everyone brand new socks. This way I know everyone has enough socks for the week. It is something I always do.
What is your pre-vacation ritual?


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Olivia Vidal
© 2012


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