Star Gazing

I love to gaze at the stars. I really love spotting them in the crowd. You guessed it! I am not talking about the twinkling stars in the sky. I am talking about the 2 legged kind. I was totally star struck when I seen Kevin Costner walk by while enjoying the atmosphere at the Mad T Party in Disney's California Adventure.

I am not usually the one to take their picture because they are trying to enjoy their visit just like I am. But come on! This is a big time movie star! He's been a favorite since I seen American Flyers way way back in the 80's. Yes I know, I just aged myself considerably but its Kevin Costner!

I do love how he was just like any of us. No glitz except for the VIP guide but we spotted him walking around without the guide just like the average person. Unless you were paying attention many didn't notice him (those who didn't notice him totally lucked out!)

As you can see in the picture he knew I was taking it and didn't seem to mind. I didn't rush his family and intrude for an autograph. At the point I would have been wrong in my opinion. I just wanted my picture and I was done.


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Olivia Vidal
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