Disney Trays and Plates

Lunch is a relaxed time to eat and the kids love their Disney trays. These were intended for arts and crafts but we use them for meals. This was found at Walgreens on clearance but Toys R Us had some that were larger in Disney prints. No matter your use I am sure the kids will love these! and it makes clean up easy too! Take these to the sink and wash off easily.

Having a Mickey plate (this one was purchased at the Disney store but I have also seen some at Walmart and Target) makes eating fun too. Fill each space with a different food (he loves his green beans so we just put veggies in the ears). I have also found plain ones at the craft stores that you can paint and decorate any way you wish. If they had a mom size version I would so have one of these!

BTW the picture is my handsome nephew, Chase, eating his lunch on a hot summer afternoon before going swimming.


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Olivia Vidal
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