My coupon organizer

I bought a nice coupon organizer that is easy to carry and works beautifully for me during my shopping trips. The only problem is it was plain. It had what I needed so I didn't want to just wait for the perfect one. My solution? Visit the scrapbooking aisle at Michaels.

I have seen these emroidered stickers forever at Michaels but could never justify buying them. I know I know how can I not justify anything with Disney but it is true. I didn't want to buy them only to find them buried in my craft drawer and never use them anyways.

So today was the day to make a quick stop at Michaels on the way home from my Disney store visit. Brought them home and immediately placed them on my coupon organizer. Guess what? They are perfect! I am going to permanently attach them using E6000 adhesive found at craft stores or even Walmart. A 5 minute craft project that anyone can do and voila the perfect coupon organizer that fits me perfectly and I didn't even break a sweat!

Now I have a coupon organizer that nobody else around me has. It also serves as a reminder of why I wish to coupon. That extra savings goes right to my savings account for those future Disney trips!


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Olivia Vidal
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