Disney Pin Trading

Pin trading began at Disney in 1999. Since then many pins have been traded among guests and cast members.

Its a fun way to do something new and exciting during your Disney trip.

Getting started is easy. You can purchase starter kits which include a lanyard and pins ready for trading. You can also purchase these separately if you choose. I started with a lanyard offered when checking into the Disneyland hotel that included one with my vacation package.

You can trade any pin you like with cast members or even other guests. You can even trade complete sets if appropriate. Trade for pins that mean something to you. I think it is also fun to purchase a couple special pins that are just for me to keep and personalize my lanyard. You can too.

Pin trading is found all over the Disney resort. This includes cast members walking around. Don't be afraid to ask a cast member to trade with you. They will help you out and even offer tips.

There are 3 types of lanyard colors and you need to know what they mean.

Blue Lanyards are for general trading. Adults and children can trade pins with cast members wearing blue lanyards.

Teal Lanyards are worn by Disneyland cast members and only available for children pin trading.

Green Lanyards are worn by Disney World cast members and only available for children pin trading.

There are a few rules of etiquette when trading:
  • Have Fun! Disney Pin Trading can be a great way to interact with and meet Cast Members and other Guests.
  • The main criteria to judge whether a pin is tradable or not is that it must be a metal pin that represents a Disney Event, Location, Character or Icon. Some pins from our Operating Participants are also tradable, but must represent the Operating Participant in a way that has a specific Disneyland®Resort or Walt Disney World®Resort affiliation.
  • Pins should in good, undamaged condition.
  • Trade one pin at a time, hand to hand, with the backs attached.
  • Guests may trade a maximum of two pins with each Cast Member.
  • Guests may trade only one pin of the same style with a Cast Member.
  • When trading with Cast Members, Guests should offer a pin that is not already displayed on the Cast Member's lanyard.
  • Please refrain from touching another person's pins or lanyard. If you need a closer look, ask the person wearing the lanyard if they can bring it into clearer view for you.
  • Disney name pins may not be traded with Cast Members.
  • Monies or gifts may not be exchanged or used in trade for a pin.
  • In addition to the 12 pins on Cast lanyards, some Cast Members may wear a "Showcase" pin. These "Showcase" pins are for demonstrations to our Guests and are not available for trade.
Don't forget to purchase a lanyard medal as well. These hang from the clip on your lanyard and make this personalized to you. You can even make your own if you choose. Purchase badge covers and create something special for you or your entire family. Hand drawn and colored is always fun for the kids. Make a new one each trip and attach that one special pin you won't be trading anytime soon.

Beginning can be overwhelming. Have fun with it. Once you break the ice with one trade you will be on the look out for pins to trade everywhere you go.

Watch for those Hidden Mickey pins as well.

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