Our next trip

We have decided on our next trip to Disneyland! We plan to arrive April 10th. We are taking a few different sights along with Disneyland such as Universal Studios. I am very very excited because we didn't think we could return so quickly! The Angels will be home so we will even catch a game. I haven't been to an Angels game since I was a teenager and Wally Joyner was my Angels eye candy.

We are taking a guest with us so this will be exciting. My son's girlfriend will be visiting California for the very first time so that is exciting. This trip will be my son's birthday trip so lots will be happening. A very exciting trip.

We are staying at the Tropicana Inn and Suites once again because of our excellent experience last time. My husband has a knee injury that will likely still be evident at the time of our trip so we will be utilizing the ECVs at the parks (we rented one last time for a day).

More details to come as we begin planning.


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