EleTRONica takes you into the grid during this high energy, music pumped, journey while taking you back to what you love about Tron.

Walking into Flynns arcade and seeing the iconic wall where the home of Tron lives is truly a sight to see. As a young kid I remember wanting to go to that very arcade and play the legendary Tron game. At Disney's California Adventures you can do just that.

You can even get a Tron makeover with face painting. How cool is that!

I must admit one of my favorite parts is walking over to get a glowjito from the End of the Line club. Its nice to have some adult time and relax with a drink in the middle of an incredible disney experience.

On the Disneyland Facebook page it was announced that ElecTRONica will continue through the summer. My son (16) loved it and being this next trip has turned into his birthday trip (for his 17th birthday) it will certainly make this trip that much better. I wasn't able to get a decent picture or video this last time but I will go better equipped to capture a little something to share upon our return.


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