Pajama Love

Working from home can mean long hours so you need good sleep. Add in a comfy pair of pajamas and it is a perfect night. I have to confess... I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse pajamas! I have lots of them and all comfy.

Shhh - Don't tell anyone but I even wear them during the day when I have a long day of at home with work.

Walmart is my main source for my pajama purchases. Main reason is because its easily accessible since this is where I do my grocery shopping. They do come out with great styles frequently and very reasonable in price and sizes. I do buy pajamas from Disneyland and the Disney store as well.

My latest set of pajamas came this week from Walmart.

Tell me these are not cute!

They have 3 more pairs that I don't have that I am considering going back to purchase if they have my size. I tend to stick with the black, red, white combo as I prefer the classic mickey and minnie colors. I do choose other colors but these colors are my favorite when I go looking for pajamas. I also try to avoid obvious holiday styles but sometimes you just can't help it. 

I probably have about 10 current pairs of pajamas and the way I keep going I may have 30 by summer lol

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