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This trip to Disneyland we decided to try the Southern California City Pass. The City Pass includes 3-day hopper to the Disneyland Resort, 1-day Universal Studios, 1-day Seaworld, and your choice of 1-day San Diego Zoo or San Diego Safari Park (aka Wild Animal Park). This is a fantastic value.

You are given a card to enter all parks. For Disneyland you will be given a paper ticket on your first day and will use that paper ticket on each visit. DO NOT LOSE THIS TICKET. You will not get it back. We have one person in our group hold all the tickets so there is no looking in multiple wallets and pockets.

We purchased our tickets on for $259 per adult (every member traveling was over the age of 10). That made it approximately $43 a day.

Break down the gate prices and you will see how great of a deal this is:

Disneyland - $206
Universal Studios - $74
Seaworld - $69.99
San Diego Zoo or Safari Park - $40

That is $389.99! That is saving over $130 per ticket. Even when I was looking for discounts I was only saving about $50 overall.

If you buy the City Pass at one of the included you will pay $276 at the gate. Still a great savings if you make the last minute decision or unsure about purchasing tickets online. I have good luck with I was comfortable with it. Plus the $17 savings per person buying online paid for us to purchase World of Color picnics.

We like to get the most bang for our buck so we are always on the look out for ways to save and play. This was one way we were able to do so.
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Olivia Vidal
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