Happily ever after

As a young girl I dreamed of marrying my prince charming as Cinderella did. Watching Princess Diana in such a beautiful wedding when I was only 7 yrs old made me believe in such special occasions. I did not have delusions of marrying a true prince but I knew a special man out there would make me feel special on my wedding day. I dreamed of a wonderful dress that would make me feel like a princess. On my wedding day I wore such a special dress to marry such a man.

Today we celebrate another princess wedding with the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate. We share again the wonderful dream of finding prince charming and saying those priceless vows in such a princess ceremony.

This is a special occasion because you do not witness such royal weddings often. This is not like any other wedding we will ever see. I will be watching as many others will even in the early morning hours when most are sleeping.

I am excited to see the dress as the dress is my favorite part. To me the dress is the most personal and intimate choice of every wedding. This is the attire your future husband will remember seeing you in for the very first time as you begin your walk down the aisle. This is the dress you chose especially for him to see you in and remember for all the days of your life. This is the dress you hope your own daughter will one day wear and cherish as much as you did. This is the dress you will see in the closet and remember such a special day in your life.

I am excited to see their faces as they become husband and wife and see how happy they are on their special day. I am excited to see them look at one another with such love and devotion. I am excited to see them take in that very moment as a lifetime memory that cannot be erased.

I still believe in finding and marrying prince charming as Cinderella taught us. I believe in celebrating such special occasions that will mark their day in history.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn, Baron Carrickfergus and Princess William of Wales, Duchess of Cambridge, I wish you a life long, happy and loving marriage.

Olivia Vidal
© 2011


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