Having a locker is so nice. No carrying around jackets, snacks, extra drinks. If you have children no need to carry extra clothing or full diaper bags. You can even stash those souvenirs if you like.

Disneyland  Resort lockers are all day, unlimited use lockers. This means you can enter them as many times as you need through the day.

They are simple to use. You find your rental kisosk which looks like an ATM machine inside of the locker location of your choice. Select the locker size of your choice (the smallest held a standard backpack filled to capacity) and also help our leftover take out containers from Blue Bayou. You can either pay in cash or by debit or credit card. You will choose a password to use for the day to enter the locker any time you wish. Being we travel with at least one teenager, we create a password everyone can remember so there is no need to meet up just to get into the locker.

Lockers around the resort:

  • Disneyland Park on Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Disney California Adventure Park in Sunshine Plaza
  • In the Esplanade between the parks, accessible from the Downtown Disney District, lockers are located outside the Main Entrances to Disneyland Park and Disney's California Adventure Park.
I was never much for lockers until I no longer was pushing a stroller. With a stroller you always having somewhere to store anything you have. Even with a stroller it can at times be stuffed with items you don't need with you the entire day. I will use the lockers far more often from now on.

Olivia Vidal
© 2011


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