World of Color Picnic

During our latest trip we decided to purchase the World of Color picnics. These were prepaid so that was a little less money we needed to have available for food.

The pick is at the Sonoma Terrace located at Golden Vine Winery. There are signs to point you in the right direction. We picked up our food early so we could sit and eat without being rushed. At the pick up location you are provided with seating so there is no need to find a place to eat. You can pick up your picnic any time from 11:30am up to 1 hour before your selected show time. It is a great option for lunch, evening meal, or snack.

When picking up your picnics you must print off the confirmation to present along with your photo ID. At the pick up counter you will choose your drink. For every 4 meals you purchase you will receive a World of Color tote bag. We purchased 5 meals so we took home 2 totes. Nice totes too I might add.

The picnics are a decent portion. Bigger than I had expected actually. The antipasto meal is the smallest of the adults meals but very tasty. I would highly recommend having a glass of wine with the antipasto meal. At the pick up counter they have available wine pairings that match your picnic. The childs meals are really nice portions and very tasty. I decided that for myself I wanted the junior all american child's meal and it was plenty for me.

Below are your choices for meals:

All American

    • Cold honey-stung fried chicken
    • Green and red cabbage cole slaw with apple cider dressing
    • Old fashioned potato salad with sweet onions and dill relish
    • Apple pie
    • Choice of bottled Coca-Cola® product or Dasani® water

    Mediterranean Vegetarian
    • Marinated grilled vegetables in a whole wheat wrap with roasted garlic hummus
    • Raw zucchini and squash spaghettini with first-press lemon-infused olive oil
    • Vegetable couscous with toasted coriander vinaigrette
    • Lemon layer cake
    • Choice of bottled Coca-Cola® product or Dasani® water

    European Antipasto
    • Cured meats, regional cheese, pepperoncini, artichoke heart and sun-dried tomatoes
    • Carr's® water crackers
    • Chocolate-dipped tiramisu
    • Choice of bottled Coca-Cola® product or Dasani® water

    Taste of Asia
    •  Chilled miso-glazed salmon, Asian greens, soy-rice wine dressing
    • Soba noodle salad and julienne vegetables with sesame dressing
    • Gingered cucumber and radish slaw
    • Mandarin orange cake
    • Choice of bottled Coca-Cola® product or Dasani® water

    Junior All-American Box
    • Souvenir World of Color light-up bracelet
    • Chicken leg
    • Goldfish crackers
    • Apple wedges
    • World of Color confetti vanilla cupcake
    • Choice of small low-fat milk, 100% Minute Maid® juice box or small Dasani® water
    ( Ours came with a chicken breast and also included string cheese which is pictured but not listed on the website)

    Lunchbox Classic 

    • Souvenir World of Color light-up bracelet
    • Peanut butter and Smucker's® jelly sandwich
    • Apple wedges
    • World of Color confetti vanilla cupcake
    • Choice of small low-fat milk, 100% Minute Maid® juice box or small Dasani® water

    Our family chose the asian, all american, antipasto (to share as a snack), and the junior all american. These were very good. Be sure to pay close attention to the time you are asked to line up for your World of Color showing. They fill up very fast. You get a preferred showing area but be prepared to stand.

    We sat in the handicap section because my husband needed a wheelchair that day. They had benches available for those who needed them but were not intended those who were not disabled. Sadly I could have used a seat since I am technically disabled but you had a few who insisted their children sit on the bench with them even when cast members asked that all non-disabled persons not sit on the benches. Normally would not be an issue but the benches were very limited. Needless to say I had to stand while able body persons sat (some even had conversations about them being able bodied).

    I very much enjoyed the show and the meal. This is something we will certainly do again.

    To order your World of Color picnics you must visit the Disney website at

    *Pictures are property of Olivia's Disney Adventures and are not to be reproduced or distributed without permission of Olivia's Disney Adventures ( ══════════════════ºoº══════════════════

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